Lambda-Plus signs a global collaboration agreement with a Belgian biotech company


A Belgian biotech company was looking for an innovative solution to facilitate data collection and further meta-analysis during the course of multiple clinical trials in a variety of settings.
Lambda-Plus was selected as a preferred partner in achieving this objective thanks to its ability to think ‘out of the box’ and offer innovative, custom-made and cost-effective eClinical trial services.
The global agreement is based on close collaboration between the two companies and is supported by a novel approach to clinical trials. There are two aspects to the agreement:
- development of an innovative core e-Platform to support multiple clinical trials. The core e-Platform encompasses all phases of a clinical trial in order to speed up project-specific customization and reduce setup costs by up to 50%
- provision of a package of meta-services in medical writing, biostatistics and data management that streamline the setup, conduct and close-out of any clinical trial, enabling major cost savings compared to a conventional approach.
This agreement opens the door to a new era of eClinical trials and demonstrates Lambda-Plus’s absolute commitment to achieving eClinical value.