Using FLeX+, Lambda-Plus offers the streamlined collection and exchange of data through secure e-Platforms for capturing, gathering, consulting, sharing and tracking ALL study data


The real added value therefore comes from the development of the e-Platform best suited to support each clinical trial.

E-Platforms do not specifically focus on investigators (using electronic data capture to collect patient data) but are also accessed by many more user profiles (CRAs, Monitors, Project Managers, Pharmacovigilance teams, Pharmacists, Data Managers, Statisticians...) for improved interaction between them, and with external databases and systems.

There is no question, therefore, of using fixed, inflexible and often inappropriate tools for each project. It is rather a matter of conducting an in-depth analysis of the CRO and/or sponsor’s expectations first, and then of meeting requirements through the most appropriate e-Platform.


With FleX+, e-Platforms allow study data to be collected, shared, viewed, monitored and managed through a seamless interaction with:

  • eCRF
  • Central lab
  • Imaging core lab
  • Warehouse (for Drug Supply Management)
  • CTMS (Clinical Trial Management Systems)
  • ePROs (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes)