Seamless Patient-Reported Outcomes



With FLeX+ PRO, Lambda-Plus offers multiple professional solutions for the collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes at the site, on-the-go or at home.

Through an on-line connection to Lambda-Plus intuitive e-Platforms using their own devices (tablet computer / smartphone) or personal computer, patients are now able to report data seamlessly: nothing to install, no training required.

Lambda-Plus FLeX+ PRO solutions are built to allow for highly intuitive use and are accessed through a completely secure Web-based environment. 

Collected data can be monitored on-line and, thanks to full integration with other Lambda-Plus EDC solutions, direct access to the whole set of patient data is made possible (pooled into one single database).

Data can then be viewed differently whether the user is a physician-investigator, nurse, project coordinator, CRA/Monitor or data manager.

Automatic notifications are generated by the e-Platform in order to improve patient follow-up.


Key Features

  • Multiple PRO solutions accessed on-line from anywhere: at the site, on-the-go or at home with a mobile device or a personal computer
  • Nothing to install, no training required
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Flexible solutions allowing full integration of PRO tools with eCRF and e-Platforms
  • One single database used to collect PRO and eCRF data
  • No need to involve multiple vendors for combined PRO and eCRF solutions development
  • Automatic notifications (e.g. if AE is reported) to event-related staff
  • Access to profile-dependent on-line reports